Staffing - Our Services

Our recruitment processes includes human resource planning to identify what the client requires in terms of the numbers of employees needed and their attributes (knowledge, skills and abilities) in order to effectively meet the job requirements. In addition the selection techniques and methods of assessment to identify the most suitable candidates for a particular job, Our Recruiters understand client's requirement, needs and put the effort to source/screening the suitable candidates to meet the standards.

Our Recruiting Process:

  1. Structured recruitment methodology
  2. Experienced recruiters
  3. Rigorous screening process which include references check, past employment, Educational and technical expertise
  4. Telephone screening to identify the candidates ability, reliability, communication skills, desire, responsibility and depth of technical expertise
  5. Technical screening/Online tests to evaluate each candidate's level of skill, ensure a proper match with the client's needs
  6. Reference checks from two individuals to whom the candidate has provided
  7. Account Manager provides direction to the candidates to understand client's project, culture and timing.
  8. Exclusive focus and huge database on qualified IT professionals
  9. Guidance and assistance throughout the on boarding process
  10. including tailored orientation and formal project reviews and knowledge transfer within existing teams
  11. Personalized attention
  12. Career counselling
  13. Thorough technical skills testing
  14. Preferred vendor to many of the Fortune 500 and mid-market companies
  15. Established client relationship to drive results
  16. Local and national job opportunities