Migration - Our Services

Application migration is the process of moving an application program from one environment to another, or upgrading the legacy application platform from older technologies to new technologies to improve the performance and better user interfaces. We follow best approaches to migrate the legacy applications from one technology platform to another and we make sure that all business features are preserved on the new migrated platform.

Our core focus and strengths includes the following:

  • New platform architectures to your technology stack.
  • Provide rich user friendly interfaces and which reduces usability training needed for real time users.
  • Provide new features on newly migrated platform.
  • Data transfer from old system to new system without any data-loss.
  • Fixing any data related issues to support the data in new system.
  • Post migration support.
  • Train users on new application.
  • Document the migration process.
  • Create the new application wireframes/UI screenshot documents based on business requirements for better understanding of new application.